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Thread: Best College for me in Tamil Nadu?

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    Question Best College for me in Tamil Nadu?

    Hey guys,

    I'm Naveen and I reside in Chennai.I have completed my 12th state board and my score in the examination was 1170 :

    Fre - 198,Eng - 187,Mat - 200,Phy - 187, Che -199,Csc - 199.

    My cut off is 196.5 and my caste is BC.I want to pursue IT.Can anyone say which is the best college for me in Tamil Nadu?Am not sure If I can get a seat in CEG,MIT,PSG...I can probably get in SSN and Thiagarajar..Now,I have a great doubt to choose among these two colleges..Can anyone help me out with this issue?

    Which is the best college among these two --> SSN or Thiagarajar?

    When I asked few guys,I got mixed comments..Many said SSN is better as it has better placements and we can get good outer exposure..But few said that Thiagarajar is better since it is one of the oldest colleges and Government college aswell..Which one is better and I want you to choose only one college of those two.Or you can also say me if there is a better college than these two colleges.

    Thank you,
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    If you want me to suggest one from SSN R Thiagarajar, I would recommend u to claim admission at SSN.
    SSN is dedicated to convey world class technical knowledge & training to the students of their institution, they not only excel in teaching they do give excellent placement offers for the students. I would like to share few top recruitment companies conduct campus interview at SSN.

    • Polaris Software Lab Ltd
    • Royal Enfield Motors
    • Infosys Technologies Ltd
    • iSoft Tech
    • Nokia India Pvt. Ltd
    • Convergys Information Management (India) P Ltd
    • Accenture
    • Mahindra British Telecom Ltd
    • Ramco Systems Ltd
    • Wipro Technologies Ltd
    • TVS Electronics Ltd

    Other Than SSN I would like to suggest VEL TECH, they too give stupendous training as well best in Placement services.

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    oh thanks for your reply And can anyone suggest me a ranking list where SSN is ranked higher than Thiagarajar? Because my Dad wants me to go to Thiagarajar only because its a government college and he is not interested in sending me to SSN where on the other side,I am interested in SSN..But if Thiagarajar is a better college than SSN,I wouldn't regret to go there.

    And also,there are 3961 students who have got better cut off than me.And my rank is 4018 when 4th optional subject is included...Am not sure how many of those higher than me would get into Medical,IIT,AIEEE or someother which does not come under engineering counselling...Can anyone say roughly what would my rank be in the engineering counselling so that I could figure out the day of my call?

    Thank you,

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    Parents see Security first for their children; likewise your father has advised you to get into Government College. But the fact is Thiagarajar College doesn’t stand on top ranking list, but SSN college ranks 2nd place in top 10 engineering colleges of Chennai.
    Think wisely and take good decision!!
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    Yeah,you are right.He wants me to be secure.Well,my dad works in Gujarat.And my sister just got married recently and my mom and myself stay in our house.So,whatever the college maybe,I will probably end up in a hostel so that my mom will leave to Gujarat to stay with my dad.And maybe because my native is Madurai and few of my relatives are in a reasonable distance,he wants me to go to Madurai..But I have been studying in chennai for 12 years and know a fair bit about chennai whilst I dont know anything about Madurai and the places in Madurai which I feel is not at all a good environment for my studies.I tried speaking to him,but he is reluctant to hear from me.So I am in a bit of bother here.

    And also I heard that we can stay in college hostel only for the first year and we will be asked to move out of hostel..is it true?

    Thank you,

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    No ways!! Who is bluffing such wrong information to u...

    U can stay in hostel till the end of academic year i.e. for 4 years....

    Anyways all the Best for future!!

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    Oh thats great then! Thanks for your wishes and help

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    It's my pleasure to help you!!!
    Take Care!!

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    So Naveen what you have planned to stay in madurai and continue studies or you will do as per your decision.. Let us also know what you have planned.. Reply please..

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    It all depends on my counselling day..I'm bit worried about it though..Am not sure if I can get a seat in SSN or not..2011 Statistics show that CEG,MIT,PSG,SSN seats are filled up in the second day morning itself..But Thiagarajar gets filled up only on 3rd day morning...I hope I can get a seat in SSN and I will show this thread to my dad to make him understand..If I get a seat in SSN,then I will enter it surely..If not,then I would go for thiagarajar..I will surely post in this thread after my counselling and will let you know

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    Damn Sure as per your wish ul get seat in SSN don't worry, as well your father will definitely get convinced by seeing these threads.....


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    AIEEE Result


    Just got another doubt.AIEEE Results are out and my score and rank :

    Paper Subjects Marks Obtained
    Paper-1 Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics 77
    Paper-2 Mathematics, Aptitude Test & Drawing Not Applicable/Not Applied


    All India Rank

    Overall 173911
    Category 46889

    State Rank

    Overall 3318
    Category 1122

    B.E./B.Tech: - Permitted to fill up choices online for counselling - All Categories

    Yardstick for permission to fill the choices online for counselling for B.E./B.Tech. & B.Arch./B.Planning
    GEN Category 48 Marks
    OBC Category 45 Marks
    SC/ST/ALL PH Category 18 Marks

    Is this any good?Can I get any better colleges through this counselling than the Anna Univ. counselling in Tamil Nadu?

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    Hi Naveen,

    That was an excellent score!!!

    Dont stick on to this two colleges Thiagarajar College and SSN. There are n numbers of top reputed institutes are there are in India. You can try with this score of AIEEE. You can even check it with your seniors or through the internet. If you get admission in any of the renowned institutions out of Tamil Nadu, never miss out on that.

    Hope for the best!!!

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    Got IT seat in SSN

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    Thumbs up Best college for me in tamil Nadu

    Nehru Arts and Science College,Coimbatore

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    First of all, my hearty wishes to Naveen, for getting admission in the college of his choice!!!

    And Bijesh,

    Nehru Arts and Science College is one of the renowned institutions in Tamil Nadu. There are many institutions come under this trust. You can even pursue your Masters in any of the institutions after the completion of your graduation.

    Best of luck!!!

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