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Thread: Slow mts wireless internet modem speed

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    Slow mts wireless internet modem speed

    I bought mts wireless internet modem on 28/05/12 from vijay sales in bhiwandi at a offer price of rs. 1700/- With 4 months of validity at 2.5 gb of data every month.
    I was told by the mts executive at vijay sales that mts is operating at a speed of upto 3.1 mbps in bhiwandi.
    To my horror the speed of the internet is slower than a snail. It is not even 256 kbps. Even the google page takes more than a couple of minutes to open.
    I went to vijay sales again & I was told that they will have to install a gadget at my place to increase the speed which will cost me extra.
    Why should I pay extra?
    Please don't buy MTS at any cost.

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    Thanks For your Kind Information sir..

    If Not MTS which internet Modem brand would u like to suggest??

    kindly do reply as quickly as possible Sir!!

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    I request u to go in for Airtell Modems; there speed is pretty good…
    Airtel EDGE 2G USB Modem for All GSM SIM = Rs, 2,299/-
    Airtel MMX 310G = Rs. 4,250/-

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    I will suggest you that before buying any company's modem ask that particular company representative to give you a demo at your place.
    I have used Docomo 3G previously and the speed they provide is good in Bhiwandi.
    Docomo 3G is quite expensive as compared to MTS but the kind of service they provide is way to good.
    Just because I lost the Docomo 3G modem and MTS was giving this offer, I went for it blindly & got screwed.
    So go for the DEMO first!!!

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    I want to know which one is best one among air tel and docomo. Speed is the one thing thing that i mainly look for and the price should be reasonable.

    Please help.

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    As I suggested earlier, go for the Demo first and then decide for yourself.

    My suggestion go for Docomo 3G.

    Good Luck!!!

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    The internet speed depends on the area you stay, You first have to grab some knowledge from frnds who stay nearby or neighbors to get an idea abt the speed. I have used all the possible modems. MTS works best in south mumbai. I am curently using SSV broadband in navi mumbai it rocks. I suggest Reliance while travelling outside mumbai.

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