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Thread: Desperately need help with hair loss

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    Desperately need help with hair loss

    Hello Everyone,
    I am ankur,30yrs old..n m facing hair loss these days…Please Suggest something to me..m losing all my hopes..Hair loss makes me so depressed and tensed that now m unable to concentrate on my work..Its high tym now..Please help me out!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Ankur,

    If you are losing aplenty of hair in a day, it’s the right time to consult the dermatologist. The doctor will examine the main reason for severe hair loss. Ask your doctor to prescribe the supplements that rich are zinc, iron and vitamins.

    Make sure that the tablets prescribed by the doctor are not rich in steroid contents. The reason is - most of the tablets prescribed by the dermatologists are rich in steroids. These steroids will damage the livers, inhibits the natural hormones, lowers the cholesterol levels, results in stunted growth, etc.

    You can prefer ayurvedic treatments that are offered. Always go for natural when it comes to hair and skin of our body.

    If you recovered from the present condition, please come forward to share those stuffs. Let the forum users may get benefitted because of you.

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    Ankur, first of all you should learn to relax. If you keep getting tensed about hair loss you'll only lose more. Vicious cycle, no? Having said that, if it's bothering you so much, there are many tried and tested medical solutions available that will give you your hair back. Try medical treatments (homeopathic or otherwise) and if that doesnt work, there's always transplant! So, relax and we'll help you find the best way to get your beauty back! :P

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    Exactly Ajay!! Relaxation and plenty of sleep is the first and foremost remedy for hair loss….
    I’m sharing some more set of easy remedies to overcome Hair Loss, Check it!!

    • Mix equal parts of lemon juice and onion in a bowl and give yourself a massage on the scalp for thicker hairs.
    • Massaging scalp with help of Coconut milk will help you in growing hair fast.
    • “Onion” the best remedy for baldness, rub onion pieces on scalp for at least 10-15mnts a day.
    • Wash your hairs every morning and night.
    • Massaging with help of castor oil let your hair grow blacker and thicker as well.

    Foods to promote hair growth:-
    • Beans
    • Sea Foods/Poultry
    • Dark Green Vegetables
    • Carrots
    • Nuts
    • Zinc Rich Supplements

    Do not’s:-
    Avoid foods that are rich in carbohydrates
    • Fats
    • Sugar
    • Caffeine

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    Wow, thank you very much everyone... you all have given so much good ideas and help. Thank you. I will definitely do recommended and check progress. Can you also give details of transplant? it is very expensive?

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