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    My baby is now 8 months old. Apart from cerelac, pulse water and milk what else can be given at this age.

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    @ this age you can give banana smashed nicely and you can give and apple boiled and smashed and one nore thing also you can do is just mix all the vegetables like carrot and potatoes and little masoor dal and put everything in cooker and bol it and paste it and feed them only in the afternoon and dont for get to give gripe water...

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    Red face Baby Food

    Hey, you should be taking extra care when you are feeding small infants, because generally they gulp so much of food, at such a tender age you should do breastfeeding as it very important for the child, mother's milk is very important for a child, you can also try Gerber Rice Single Grain Cereal , I recently got this from hushbabies for my child,it is made with natural grains and gentle ingredients ideal for baby’s first food and throughout the first year.Infant cereal, such as rice cereal, is typically the first complementary food introduced to infants. So you can try this also!! )

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    Hey Maria..

    Ms. Kareena is absolutely right.. Breast feeding is must for atlease 1 and half years along with tha you can follow these suggestion which is given by our friends.. If you are still confused, You will get Cerelac by the month wise it starts from 6 months.. just follow that and also consult your baby's doctor also once...

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    Gerber Baby Food are an excellent source of protective antioxidant Vitamin C, an essential building block of your baby’s natural defense system. It is made with natural fruits.

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    Food chart for 8 month old baby
    Early Morning – Breast Milk
    Late Morning – it can be either fruit purees & breast milk or baby rice smashed with breast/formula milk.
    Lunch – must boil lentils, carrot, potatoes & cheese well, after cooking smash these stuffs well and feed baby.
    Evening/ bed time – it could be either cerelac & breast milk or mashed fruits & breast milk.

    By reading this char, you must have understood the importance of breast milk for infants. This is only food that remains constantly with the child till her/his death. Major benefits are as such; reduces the hazards of Asthma, Colds, Cancer, Urinary Infections, Eczema & It helps to maintain body precisely as needed.

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    HI.. mariamonica thank you sharing this question, i am also looking same and thank a lot other member who gives his ideas.

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