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Thread: Should India Play Against Pak?

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    Lightbulb Should India Play Against Pak?

    Hii everybody
    Everyone knows about Mumbai attack where 164 people were killed and almost 308 were left wounded.. Becoz of this India has refused to play bilateral matches against Pakistan..
    India is very much angry on Pakistan especially after the declaration that Pakistan-based militants were involved in such a cruel thing..
    Cricket fans may have got disappointed due to this.. Their favorite rivalry can’t be seen more..

    And we also know that Pakistan team is very desperate to revive this bilateral series against India.. The reason behind this drama is that the series will generate around $50 million for the Pakistan Cricket Board.. Television rights alone will fetch the Board around $40 million.

    So what you people think? Should India Play Against Pakistan?
    Give your views…

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    I don’t think, India should play with Pakistan.. Because of this series they will get huge amount of money but in return what they will do? They will eat our life by blasting bombs everywhere..
    We the cricket lovers can enjoy watching the rivalries between India-Australia or India – NZ.. We can enjoy India playing with any country.. All the countries gives tough competition to India..

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