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Thread: Who Will Win ICC T20 World Cup 2012

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    Who Will Win ICC T20 World Cup 2012

    I am eagerly waiting for ICC T20 World Cup 2012.. What about you guyz?????]
    In 2007 India has won this world cup by 5 runs.. In 2009, Pakisthan won by 8 wickets.. In 2010, England won by 7 wickets.. What about this year??

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    Hopefully India will win… I am going to cheer up India…

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    Hey Sim,

    Being a citizen of India, we can say that India will win the ICC T20 World Cup 2012, which is going to start by next month. I think the tournament will be tough to win over, as there are lots of skillful players in all the teams. This is unpredictable, because anything can happen at any time. Let’s hope for the best!

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    Hi Kunal, you are absolutely right, this is a game anything can be happen at end of the match like how it happened yesterday's match 11-9-2012 with New zealand, it was a winning match for india 14 runs with 7 balls, dhoni and yuvi's partnership.. Unfortunately yuvi' got out and continued with dhoni and Rohit sharma we lost with 1runs no balls.. We dint expected this but it happened like this only.. Kuch bhi ho sakhta hain.. We never know! But we will support for our country!!

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    I think India win this t20 world cup. Because yuvraj is come back in team.

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