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Thread: How to Look Attractive To Girls

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    Please help me and post some tips on How to Look Attractive To Girls

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    nice question.

    well firstly yadi aap kisi smart girl ko dekhte hain or to uski side mat dekho.
    use ignore karne ki koshish karo. wo apne aap hi tumhaari side dekhegi.
    experience hain;-)

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    These days getting attracted to girls is not a big task at all, if you just give a smile or act witty in front of them they start gazing @ you.

    I wish to share some important tips for attracting girls; such as:-

    Shower Everyday And Be Tidy
    Style Your Hair
    Wear Body Spray
    Brush And Floss Your Teeth
    Be Confident While Having Conversations
    Be Expressive
    Wear Eye-Catching Apparels
    Be Fashionable
    Be humorous

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