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Thread: Institutes offering P.hd through various state private universities

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    Institutes offering P.hd through various state private universities

    There are various institues who offer the P.hd digree from various universities.
    they claim to be their authorised study centers/addmission centers.
    Are they really working with state private universities or they are fake ?

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    There is an institute (DAKSH Institute of Professional Studies) in Jind (Haryana) who seems to be working with Singhania and various univeristies .... one of my friend is also enrolled for P.hd. through this institute ..... my friend has deposited huge money for the same .... but the institute is now not giving proper information and sometimes not even picking up the phone .... so beware of these types of institutes ......

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    Hi friend,

    Some of the institutes do really work with the State Private Universities in India. Itís up to you to inquire about them, before applying in that Institute for a particular course. Check whether those institute works with Private Universities and they are accredited by the UGC.

    As per the last updated list of UGC, there are 112 Private Universities. They grant degrees like other universities and the only difference is that they do not have the access to the off-campus affiliated colleges.

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