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Thread: Baby girl wanted for adoption

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    Baby girl wanted for adoption

    Hi everyone.
    This is Aditya. I am writing this on behalf my uncle and aunt, who are well educated and well employed. They have been married for the past 14 years. They had a child before 12 years but were unfortunate as the baby was still born. And ever since they have not been able to get a child of their own. So they are looking at the option of adoption a healthy infant (preferably a girl baby) . As they have crossed the age of 40 they have problems adopting an infant through and adoption agency. So they are looking at dirct closed adoption or adoption from hospitals etc where the age of adoptive parents is not a factor . They are looking at adopting legally. So kindly help them out to enjoy the joy of having someone to call their own.

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    Hi King,

    I will give you the age limit for the adoptive parents and the list of adoptive agencies in Chennai here:

    The age limit for a person wishing to adopt a child should be at least 21 years old and there is no upper age limit. This varies in many of the adoptive agencies.

    If you want to adopt a child less than 1 year old - maximum combined age of adoptive parents should be 90 years and neither parent must be older than 45 years
    For a one-year-old child - the age limit is 46 years.

    For a two-year-old child - the age limit is 47 years
    For a twelve-years-old child - the age limit is 55 years

    In all cases, the age of the parent should not exceed above 55 years. The contact details of the Government authorized adoptive agencies are:

    Karna Prayag Trust Welfare
    Centre For Women & Children
    No.10, Raja Krishna Rao Road, Teynampet,

    Ph: 044 24355182

    M/s Holy Apostles Convent,
    St. Thomas Mount,
    No. 3, St. Thomas Mount Babies Home,
    St. Thomas Mount,
    Chennai 600 016

    Ph: 044 22345526

    Hope, this information could be useful to you!!!

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