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Thread: common reasons for leaving college

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    common reasons for leaving college


    I reside at Bangalore and I wanted to leave my college due to some personal issues, i don't want to reveal those issues to the college authorities, so please come forward to share all the common reasons for leaving the college so that it can be helpful to me.

    thank you......

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    lot of people think that entering a college and completing graduation is the better way to be placed in a good job most of them think that way but they won’t be able to continue their studies due to lot of reasons…………..

    Here are some of the valid reasons to leave the college;

    • Financial problem is one of the most common problem to discontinue the studies
    • If the students are loaded with lots of HW this may result in stress and this becomes a cause for leaving the college
    • The most important reason they leave the college is due to some social problems

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