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Thread: Looking for Inverter and battery for my house

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    Looking for Inverter and battery for my house

    I am looking for a 600 VA inverter with 100/110 AH battery (Preferably Exide). can some one help me where can I get a best price in bangalore and what will be the price?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Friend,

    As you particularly stick onto the Exide Inverter-Battery, I would like to give some information according to your requirements. I think; 600VA inverter is not available in the Exide, and I would like to provide the price list of the existing models in that…

    Exide Inverter battery PBX 1350 (12v, 150AH)– Rs.7,200
    Exide Invared 400 Tubular Inverter Battery – 8,400
    Exide Invatubular 500 Tubular Battery (12v, 150AH) – 11,000

    You can buy them from the direct dealers:

    Exide Battery House
    Battery, Sales
    H.Siddaiah Road, Bangalore

    Battery World
    Battery, Sales
    Koramangala 3rd Block, Bangalore

    You may find slight differences in the price when you compare them with the other outlets.

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