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Thread: Pension plan with guaranteed returns

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    Pension plan with guaranteed returns

    Hi People,

    I have been looking for pension plans. There are many plans that I have been come across and I am not able to seek for the best. Kindly help me to opt the best one. I’ll be really grateful to you.


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    Hi DuDe,

    I would suggest you to buy LIC pension plan which is best among all. They have launched a new pension plan called Pension Plus. It has two options listed as Debt Fund and Mixed Fund. You can subscribe this plane if you’re in between the age of 18-75 years of age.

    10 years is the minimum maturity period.

    Debt Fund – 60% for government securities and 40% for money market instruments.
    Mixed Fund - less than 45% for government securities, 40% for money market instruments and 15-35% into equities.

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    Pension plans are very helpful, because they are individual plans which foresee the financial stability during the old age. This will best suit for senior citizens after their retirement for secure future. After retirement the income will stop and the expenses will increase; in such cases this will surely be a great help where you will be getting income even after retirement; So that, they will have no financial issues in their old age as well. Pension plans vary greatly in terms of benefits that they offer and their structure. There are two main categories in pension plans one is the defined benefit plan and the other is defined contribution plan. I think you can better go for “defined benefit plan” where this plan promises income after retirement.

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