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Thread: Looking For Female Friend in Kolkata

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    Looking For Female Friend in Kolkata

    Hi friends,

    I am such a reserved person and I donít have many friends. Only two guys are very close to me from my childhood. Though they are that much intimate, I feel so reticent to share all my thoughts and feelings to them.

    I am looking for a caring, lovable and decent girlfriend to have a good friendship. I am expecting the momís love and affection from that friend, because I was brought up by my dad and my mom had expired in my childhood itself.


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    Hey Friend,

    I can understand your mindset and feelings. First, try to come out of all your worries that make you so reserved in nature. As you said, you have two childhood friends; try to involve yourself in their chat, mischievous activities, etc. Happiness and sorrow are always near to us. We have to be more careful in choosing the doors of them. Being sad always, wonít bring back the golden and joyous moments.

    There are lots of ways to find good friends. Already, you have two close friends from your childhood. Try to get all the contacts of their friends. You can even ask them about the girlsí nature and character. If not, you can contact them directly. By conversing with them, you may come to know the best among them.

    I am sure that, you will get a good friend. Always keep on smiling!!!

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