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Thread: kurlon spinekare mattress price Bangalore

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    kurlon spinekare mattress price Bangalore

    Hello Everyone,

    I am Chaitu from Bangalore. We constructed a new house and all the interior work is completed. Well, we are looking for good quality mattresses for our bedroom. I am opting for Sleepwell but my parents are willing to go for Kurlon Matresses.

    Kindly suggest the price details of the Kurlon Spinekare Mattress.


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    Hi Chaitu,

    Kurlon Mattresses are good compared to Sleepwell. They are the oldest and most reputed manufacturer in India. The huge range of products with quality and reasonable prices makes them very popular.

    The price of Kurlon Spinekare Mattress is Rs.14000/- only. Other than Spinekare there are other ranges listed below.

    Furnobed Mattress
    Price - Rs.4206/-

    Superdeluxe Ultra Mattress
    Price - Rs.6200/-

    Klassic Mattress
    Price - Rs.8100/-

    Klassic Plus Mattress
    Price - Rs. 12800/-

    Romatique Mattress
    Price - Rs.7160/-

    Marvel Mattress
    Price - Rs.7500/-

    Marvel LX Mattress
    Price - Rs.23621/-

    Valentino Mattress
    Price - Rs.35792/-

    Angelica Mattress
    Price - Rs.11015/-

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