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Thread: Good Freinds in hyderabad

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    Smile Good Freinds in hyderabad

    Hi every body,

    I am planning to visit hyderabad.Looking for good freinds !!!

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    It is good to know that you are visiting Hyderabad..... I wanted to know wdr you’re planning to stay back permanently there or not....
    Write your query in a detail way, so that could be helpful for people who wanted to be in touch with you.....

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    If you are staying for long time in Hyderabad, surely you can make friends near your residence and places you stay for more than an hour, coz Hyderabad is a city filled with lovable & caring people. I assure this coz am basically from Hyderabad

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    Sure, we can be friends whether you stays for few weeks or you are staying permanently. Just mention your contact number. And welcome to Hyderabad.

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