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Thread: tips to select a good college bike

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    tips to select a good college bike


    I am in a need of a bike that not only looks good but performs well. But how to choose which bike is better from the rest. I have great craze for super bikes but that will be when I start to earn for my self. But now it is for my college purpose I need a bike. So kindly can you tell me about certain tips to select a good college bike?

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    tips to select a good college bike

    To choose a bike for college purpose you need to think hard upon money as you need to ask for it often for fuel which some does not like often. It would be wise to analyze on your need first like:

    Is it that you need to break freely from the crowded vehicles during traffic jam to reach on time to college?

    Do you want a mini size bike to move freely in between the cars?

    Are you looking for safety modes in bikes to easily change your gears and hold clutch on to its breaks where at the same time maintaining your speed level?

    In this way you will get clear idea why are you buying a bike and which model will suit your purpose best. For plain area what I would suggest is to get a bike with single-speed and over higher plain area would say to opt for bike with multi-speed.

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    Do not worry much even I had gone through the college phase where I used to get spanked from my mom for asking money for fuel often. Well I do definitely agree to what Shine ...had stated how to go about for college bike but I have something to add. During my College phase I enjoyed racing and should a bike with good mileage, better suspension system and good brake system is ideal for choice. Nowadays bikes have improved a lot.

    You can check out for features like hardtail suspension and tubeless tires one bikes to undertake odd challenges of Indian roads. If you want to check out with the model type of bike that is ideal for college ride then would suggest Bajaj Platina.

    The reason why is that it comes with reasonable price that is only Rs. 34,000. It comes with 100 cc class look that gives powerful pick up even at third gear when driving alone.

    To have easy command over road it comes with Wheelbase that is four centimeter long, extended front forks, instead of disc it comes with 130 mm drum brakes, telescopic front suspensions and 4 frontal gears for acceleration of speed.

    Talking about mileage it will give impressive 60 km/l initially but later after many usages it will give 75-80 km/l. Usually when you are driving for long hours you need a bike that does not exhaust fast. In this case this bike is empowered with impressive feature like four stroke air cooled single cylinder, 99.27 cc for more fuel efficiency and to generate more power with better torque.

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    If Rogo says.....Bajaj Platina is a good choice then I think TVS Star Sport is much better where fuel efficiency concerns. It is also of the same range with bit 100 bucks extra charges.

    For convenient riding it comes with 4Stroke AirCooled engine that gives displacement of 99.7 cc. Its powerful engine generates max power of 7500 BHP at RPM and torque of 5500 Nm that is quite cool to command more speed to reach fast to one's destination.

    It gives cool mileage of 65 to 68 kmpl on city road. If you choose to travel on higher rocky ground then you can safely ride on it as it has 165.00 mm of ground clearance and wheelbase of 1250.00 mm.

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    Honda CB Shine is best bike. Here are some specification...
    Engine Specification
    Displacement: 124.6cc
    Engine: 124.7cc, 4-Stroke
    Maximum Power: 10.3 Bhp @ 7500 rpm
    Maximum Torque: 10.9 Nm @ 5500 rpm
    Gears: 4 Speed
    Clutch: 175
    Chassis Type: Advanced Design Diamond Frame
    Cooling Type: Air Cooling
    0 to 60: 5.30 sec.

    Length: 2015.00 mm
    Width: 730.00 mm
    Height: 1070.00 mm

    Other Specification
    Weight: 122.00 kg
    Ground Clearance: 175.00 mm
    Fuel Tank: 11.00 ltrs
    Wheelbase: 1265.00 mm
    Headlamp: Multi Reflector 12V/35W
    Battery Type: 12.5 AH (Ks), 12 V - 7 AH (Es)
    Battery Capacity: 12V
    Wheel Type: Alloys
    Wheel Size: 2.75x18 - 2.75x18 mm
    Colors: Force Silver Metallic, Black, Geny Grey Metallic, Rebel Red Metallic, Monsoon Grey Metallic

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    I find your bike Honda CB Shine to be quite similar with Bajaj Platina as mentioned by Pavi12 today. It is regarding horsepower aspect I find quite similar. There are certain features which are attractive about Honda CB Shine I do say but if you can help me with its price detail then it would be better. Thanks in advance.

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    What I feel if there is constrain of money then you can for go for Bajaj Platina which price ranges from Rs. 34,000 to Rs. 38,000. Else Honda CB Shine is better which is priced from Rs. 43,000 to Rs. 48,000. These both both bikes are ideal for college travel. But where mileage concerns I would definitely go for Bajaj Platina.

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    If you are choosing a bike for your college make sure that you prefer a bike which offers good performance and stylish looks. I think bikes are the most efficient mode of transport for the college students. So choose it wise. Follow the tips mentioned below.
    You must choose a bike which will match your style of riding, or riding style.
    I would suggest you to test ride the bike before you buy it.
    Choose bikes which comes with the fenders
    You can go for a fixed gear bike
    Go for a light weighed bike as this will be light weighed and provides safety on your driving.
    Hope you will take my advice and choose the safetiest bike, all the best.

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    I have good bikes in

    Hero Splendor is new

    my best bikes
    good average
    no more maintenance expenses about this.

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