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Thread: how to tell if she has a crush on me

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    i feel she love me but i am not sure

    please suggest ways of finding out if she has a crush on me

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    in a relationship with a woman how do you know if she truly likes you

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    new yourk
    Hi, I certainly agree with you. Your advice is really very helpful for us.
    Thanks a lot!

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    If you find something from her side then their is no worry about it ask directly about this and clear it as soon as possible.

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    Hey Guys!
    These are set of ideas & tactics to find out whether somebody has crush on you or not…

    Look @ the eyes it tells all.

    Watch whether she smiles at you a lot.

    Look for significant changes in her behavior.

    Compare her loyalty with u & others.

    Listen whether she empathize with your needs.

    Notice her words, if it is too romantic then she is in love with you.

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