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Thread: Bangalore turning to garbage city?

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    Bangalore turning to garbage city?

    Bangalore is one of the most beautiful cities earlier it was called as garden city but now it is turning to garbage city. because we can see lot of garbage’s not maintained properly and therefore it stinks. Especially when you visit slum areas you can find lot of wastes thrown nearby the houses and it is not maintained properly and we find lot of waste things burnt and hence it creates pollution. Do you agree with me?

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    Yes I agree with you, Bangalore city is turning to garbage city, since there is lot of waste pile ups. For a day you can find 4000 tons of waste, and the officials say that it is a big challenge to clear those waste’s, therefore it is becoming a serious problem in the city. The best way to avoid this problem is that, the government should take necessary measures/actions to clear the garbage over every corner of the streets and I hope that this will make a great change in future………….

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