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Thread: Why is indian food not for me?

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    Why is indian food not for me?

    It seems so mysterious. Curry with all these stuff mixed in and I dont know what it is makes me feel sick. I am frightened of indian food and we all have heard the tales of what the waiters sometimes deposit into the curry. These things have happened and so I cannot in good conscience eat indian food ever ever again. It can stay a mystery as far as I care because I dont want any indian food.

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    No one will force you to eat Indian Food But as per survey around the world India is at 5 position where people around the world loves to eat and specially Indian Food.

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    The indian food can have vitamins to ours body fitness.

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    You are the better person to know about your health, according to that you maintain a food chart. First analyze the food which suits you and which doesn’t suit you and then maintain a proper diet. If you are not comfortable with indian foods please don’t try eating it; but do not blame those foods. According to me indian foods are the best because they are highly rich in protein, vitamins etc……….

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