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Thread: Mother In Law Causing Problems In Marriage Pls Advise

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    Mother In Law Causing Problems In Marriage Pls Advise

    Kindly put down your valuable Suggestions for my query....

    Since 6 months I’m hearing terrible complaint against Mother in law from my neighbor friend... this below shared Incident hurted me very much.....

    MIL ill-treating daughter in-laws for poor education –
    One of my female neighbor who is basically from countryside remote area, has got rich capital but poor in education. This lady is married to an engineer in Bangalore for money purpose. Initial days after her marriage MIL was behaving pretty decent, after a month ago MIL slowly started grabbing all properties and wealth from DIL and whole family started abusing and bullying DIL for reason of poor education and innocent behavior... Currently this female (DIL) is not conceived and she is being separated illegally from her husband, but not sent to her mother’s place....

    Should she apply for Divorce?? What other action can be taken from her side??
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    I feel very sorry for your friend Erica...
    My estimation for this occurrence is to first register a complaint against whole in-laws family mentioning dowry harassment... She must file case in both Mahila Sangha as well as nearest police station and threaten the whole family.....

    There is no significance in continuing her marriage life with those irresponsible people anymore, so it’s better to get separated legally and marry some other person who is equal to her status...

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    Hi Erica,
    This is a difficult situation. DIL should be stronger to handle such situation. She should not let her properties to get changed to others hand. She needs a support.. What her husband doing? Is he supporting his wife or he is nodding his head for whatever his mother says? He should support his wife if he really loves her. And if she has lost her husbandís support, then she should go for divorce. There is no use in living with a person who has no love. Better she can live happily with her family or can get married to someone else who really loves her. This is my suggestion. Ask your neighbor (DIL) to be brave to handle the situation more efficiently. Guide her whenever required.

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