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Thread: Clt20 2012 Teams

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    Clt20 2012 Teams

    Hope you all know that the clt20 is going to be held on 9th to 28th October 2012. While I was discussing with my friends about the Tournament I gathered some information about the teams by surfing few sites, which I thought to share it with your guys.

    The qualified teams for clt20 2012 are:

    Chennai Super Kings
    Mumbai Indians
    Kolkata Knight Riders and
    Delhi Daredevils

    The other team qualified for clt20 will be

    Titans from South Africa
    Perth Scorchersand
    Sydney Sixers from Australia

    The 8th team for clt20 2012 will be decided in a qualifying stage that will be played from 10th to 12th October.

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    CLT 20 team is divided into 2 groups i.e. Group A & Group B. The battle among these groups will begin from 12th October 2012 to 28th October 2012.


    GROPU - A

    >> Kolkata Knight Riders
    >> Delhi Daredevils
    >> Perth Scorchers
    >> Titans
    >> Auckland Aces

    GROUP – B

    >> Mumbai Indians
    >> Chennai Super Kings
    >> Sydney Sixers
    >> Highveld Lions
    >> Yorkshire Carnegie


    Date - 25th October 2012
    Timings – 15.30 GMT
    Team - Group A Winners & Group B Runners-up

    Date – 26th October 2012
    Timings - 15.30 GMT
    Team - Group B Winners & Group A Runners-up


    Date – 28th October 2012
    Timings - 15.30 GMT
    Team - SF1 Winners & SF2 Winners

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