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Thread: chiranjeevi daughter sushmita engagement uday kiran

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    chiranjeevi daughter sushmita engagement uday kiran

    I heard that the older daughter of Chiranjeevi is getting engaged to one of the famous actor of Tollywood Uday Kiran, is that true or just a rumor? If itís true when is the engagement of these couples? Are Sushmitha and Uday Kiran in love? Need to know more about this news.. Thanks.

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    Chiranjeevi chose Uday Kiran as his bridegroom; chiru mainly chose him because of his good character and hard wrok and dedication towards his profession. It is mentioned that this is completely a formal marriage which is been arranged on both sides. When Chranjeevi extended his approach, uday kiranís family was in a great surprise. They were not in love or nothing like that; it is going to be an arranged marriage. This is no more a rumor, the engagement will take place today evening at 5Pm. All the best for the couples.

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