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Thread: What Is Bhai Dooj Festival?

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    What Is Bhai Dooj Festival?

    There will be a magnificent story behind every Hindu festivals; likewise I wanted to know What Is the motive for celebrating Bhai Dooj Festival??

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    See the name of the festival itself indicates Bhai – Brother festivity.
    Well, this is one of the biggest fiestas celebrated by all Hindu brothers and sisters to strengthen the bond of love & relationship. To know the entire story of this festival, kindly long to below shared URL link.

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    Hi, let me keep it simple..!

    Bhai Dooj is just like rakhi festival..! it will be celebrated on 15 November..2012

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    Bhai dooj is a traditional Hindu ritual performed to increase the bond of brothers and sisters. In other words i can say it as; they are similar to rakhi festival. This is celebrated after two days of Diwali. In Nepal they call it as “Bhai tika” whereas in Marathi they call it as “Bhav Bij”. This is very famous in the northern side. This is a special day where all the loving sisters will pray for the well being and prosperity of their lovely brothers. The sisters will put some (vermilion spot) on their brother’s forehead. They even offer sweets and much other stuff.

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