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Thread: Easy Exercises For Your Kid

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    Easy Exercises For Your Kid

    Hello All

    My son is 7yrs old but he is very shot compare to other kids. I am worried a lot, He is not growing taller but he is gaining weight. To become taller is there any easy exercise which will make my son to grow taller kindly suggest me..

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    Nowadays we are surrounded by many diseases, mainly for the kids we have to be very careful, I think in school they will teach a regular exercise for him but that's not sufficient at all... Along with multi vitamin foods and if possible send him for swimming class, and do skipping @ home regularly this will surely help him to become taller,, Along with these things try to consult a doctor also...

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    Cycling, Pull ups and swimming are good exercise for the kids and will increase their heights. And good vitamins food will also increase and will boost up their energy... they will feel fresh everyday...

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    children should have height according the weight they can do swimming , cycling, jumping skipping etc drink protein milk etc this all will help your kid to grow taller

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