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Thread: Women seeking men in karimnagar

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    Women seeking men in karimnagar

    Hi boys, I am a women seeking men for friendship in karimnagar, Andhar. I have come across many online website for dating and chatting, I donít know if I can trust that online websites to make friendship with men. I was just surfing through to find some good website and I found this website to be interesting. so I have come here to make friends, is there anybody who would like to be my friend?

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    Hello sindhurak,

    I am a fun loving person I would like to be your friend you can write to me. We can have lots of fun and take a walk in the evening. If you or anybody other there would like to be my friends you can reply me and we can meet one day for a get along and know about each other

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    Hi, Hello

    This is Saideep from Karimnagar, presently in Hyd and why dont we chat ?? catch me on 9885939024

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    This is Roger.. I am basically from Andhra Pradesh but currently residing in Chennai. I would like to be your friend. I love chatting with friends. I have visited this website many a times and also replied to various post. Similarly I saw your thread and replied you. Will you be my friend?

    Please reply about your likes and dislikes, your hobbies, Your qualification, and all the things you would like to share with me..

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    Smile Hi

    Hi, this is Vijay and I am looking for friends, similary I was searching for a girl friend I saw you post thought of replying would you like to me friend.

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