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Thread: What's Wrong with Tendulkar's Batting?

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    What's Wrong with Tendulkar's Batting?


    There were days when people watch matches only because of sachin.. I don't know what is wrong nowadays he is not playing so well, Is it because of his age ? or he got interested in acting in commercial ads? why what is the thing which is making him to score bad.. Please feel free to write your opinion

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    Hey Dear

    Sachin is the god of Cricket, we can't compare his Bating with age and other things.. Because he is playing from 20 years onwards. No one is perfect and give century in every batting . everybody has their ups and downs.. I always tell you that Sachin is the Best!

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    His luck is not with him and now he is 39 year old and i think now its not possible for him to hendel the burden.

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    Hey Jerry ,

    Sorry to tell you this but I need to. Please dont underestimate anyone you never what is the power the other person is having, So what if he is not dong good now but he was the king one time without him no one is interested in watching match..

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