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Thread: How to make a honeymoon more romantic?

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    How to make a honeymoon more romantic?

    As we all now honeymoon is an ancient tradition followed by all of us. But have you guys ever thought how to make honeymoon to be very romantic? Because just going for honeymoon with being romantic would be just a waste of time. It should be romantic and saucy with lot of surprises coming ahead to make it sweet and cute.

    Share some romantic tips of honeymoon!

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    Romance can be done in any season including winter with warm weather. The thing to remember on the romantic honeymoon during winter is not just having a candle light dinner under the moon and the stars; you can have romance any place and time only if you have a romantic mood.

    Firstly find out what your spouse loves and work on that part. If your sweetheart loves music take your spouse to disco. In winter don't stick to only indoor activities, take up outdoor and be romantic.

    Sit near the fireplace so that you both can curl up each other and enjoy the romance by watching movies. Now you both are against the world and experiencing it.

    You both are together, grab a blanket and cuddle up. Taking a walk in the cold together is romantic because you'll have to stay close and hold hands for warmth.

    Lastly your honeymoon must be ultimate and you should share stolen kisses to make it memorable romance.

    Good Luck!

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    This tradition is followed right from ancient times, till now people follow this. Lot of things can be done to make it more romantic. Let me just share few things to make your honeymoon trip romantic, please have a look at it;
    In order to make your trip romantic, first choose a romantic city; for example Paris, which is called the city of romance. Visit some romantic places. Go for a candle light dinner; try to involve yourself in some romantic activities. Just spend time together. Go for walks along the beach together. Cocktails on the beach are also a good idea, where you guys get a chance to sit alone near the beach with your favorite drinks, particularly at sunset. These are some of the ideas to make your honeymoon trip more romantic....

    Hope it helped!!!

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