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Thread: TV making Kids Lazy?

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    TV making Kids Lazy?

    Hi, My son is studying in UKG, He was good @ his studies and he was the topper in the class. I really dont know wat happened to him now he is not at all concentrating on anything nor studies no food no other activities, And one more thing I have observed about him he is very much interested in watching TV, this worries me a lot what should I do? kindly give me some solution what should i do.. Is he getting spoiled or becoming lazy due to TV kindly do reply....

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    Hey dear

    This is the common worries in parents nowadays.. even my son is getting spoiled due to watching TV, I am stopping him in all the but in house I cant control elderly people, they watch movie which is attracting my son from doing his Home work... And all the time cartoon networks, Power rangers, Ben 10, Doremon etc.. but in studies a big Zero.. what should I do please guide us...

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