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Thread: Symptoms Of Dengue Fever In Bangalore

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    Question Symptoms Of Dengue Fever In Bangalore

    Hiiii Everbody

    I posted this thread to create awareness about the Dengue Fever..

    One of my friend has been the victim of this Dengue fever recently.. She has been hospitalized and the treatment in still going on..

    It was Chikungunya that attacked most of the citizens in the country and now its Dengue Fever..

    You people know that Dengue is spreading like a wild fire in Bangalore city.

    I have collected few information from newspaper and other sources about the spread of Dengue in Bangalore..

    Around 40 cases are suspected in KC Hospital Malleshwaram..
    23 cases has been tested positive with Dengue fever in Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital.
    Itís not just adults who are victim of this fever but 50-60 children are suspected with this fever in Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health.
    Around 20-30 patients are tested positive with Dengue fever in government Hospitals..

    Guyzz lets come together to create awareness about this dreadful Dengue Fever to everyone in the country..
    I thought posting in this forum will create awareness among many people..

    I donít know much about this fever..
    If anybody knows the symptoms and remedies for this Fever can share with us..
    Please do the needful as early as possible..

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    Lightbulb Symptoms of Dengue Fever..

    Hii Shubha
    I appreciate you for posting this thread..
    And you have given the most valuable information about the spread of Dengue Fever in Bangalore..

    Dear People..
    Dengue Fever is Curable if it is treated at an early stage..

    If you find any of the following symptoms then, please visit the Doctor and do the Blood test.

    It will take 3-5 days or 4-8 for the visible symptoms after being bitten by the mosquito carrying virus..

    - Dengue starts with Chills, Head ache.
    - Pain upon moving your eye-balls.
    - Low back pain.
    - Painful aches in legs, joints, muscles.
    - Stomach ache.
    - The body temperature suddenly rises to 104 F (40 Degree Celsius).
    - Low heart beat rate or Low Blood Pressure.
    - The eyes become reddened.
    - Sudden appearance of pale pink rashes on the skin and then disappears.
    - Swelling around your neck or neck pain.
    - Fever may drop suddenly and rise again after sometime.
    - Pale pink rashes appear along with fever.

    These are the most common symptoms of Dengue Fever..
    If you find any of these symptoms, kindly don’t make any delays and visit the doctor.

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