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Thread: Eco friendly ganesha

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    Eco friendly ganesha

    Go green!!!

    Buy colorless ganesha without paint and save environment as well as pray to divine god. We do pooja's for our as well as world's peace, rite?? In case ur buying a colored ganesha, that means ur destroying or harming his powerfull creations such as water( as it is polluted), plants (incase polluted water is watered to plant) as well as sea animals.

    God'd murthy looks really divine with those colorful flowers.

    Link to buy ganesha: @ Gandhi bazar next to food world bangalore.

    Jai ganesha!!

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    Yes your right every one like to decorate and celebrate it.The immersion of idols made out of chemical materials

    causes significant water pollution . Celebrating eco friendly ganesh we can celebrate it grandly without harming any

    living being. Natural products can be used to make idol such as unbreakable clay coconut paint with natural
    colours etc

    Enjoy Ganesha festival but also respect the nature

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