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Thread: advice for men getting married

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    advice for men getting married

    hi friends
    My marriage is fixed next month can any one give me few tips men getting married

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    Congrates mariiage is made in heaven the elder people say

    MY advice is

    be truth to her
    never have any ego
    Love her alot
    BE frank and honest to her
    Don't put more conditions
    Have fun with her
    don't spend more money on her to impress her
    Tell her about your family
    should have ability to compromise

    This all few t advice for men getting married

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    many congrats dear,

    only one tool UNDERSTANDING.......is ok.

    Good Luck

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    Congratulations Murugan!!
    For most excellent compatibility with spouse understanding and Supportiveness is mandatory, if you work towards it the entire course of relationship will be victorious!!

    There are some more tips available to make marriage life more simple & sweet, such as:-

    • Be honest!
    • No mocking!
    • No unnecessary arguments!
    • No bossing!
    • Communicate often to strengthen love!
    • Be a good listener and solicit Seldom!
    • Schedule certain time for entertainment!
    • Thank & Praise each other!
    • Motivate your spouse!

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