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Thread: Reasons for petrol price hike in India.

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    Reasons for petrol price hike in India.

    Hi guys,

    I was shocked when I saw the news morning with my breakfast and I was in a shock status when I read that the diesel price has gone up, I have a travel agency and my drivers are demanding hike in their salary. I hardly get costumers and my business is going on loss from 5 months and now I really donít know what is happening here and why there was hike in diesel price

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    Hey there is good news for us there may be hike of Rs. 5 In diesel but the diesel is still lesser than the petrol and the petrol and kerosene price is untouched. Even I donít have the complete information on this, but I will update on this if I get any news about the hike.

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    I read one of the articles saying that major reason for petrol hike in India is because of depreciation in Indian Currency compared to dollars; this deflation gave huge loss to all major Oil companies of India such as Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited & Indian Oil Corporation Limited.

    So currently our Indian government has to look on our economy for structuring healthy trading that builds value of our RupeeÖ.

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