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Thread: Benefits of child life insurance

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    Benefits of child life insurance

    Hi guys, I would like to know the features and the benefits of the child life insurance please. I am a father of 6 months old baby and I want to do the best for my daughter, So I would like to know the benefits of it can you guys please help here on this please.

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    Hey there,
    It depends upon the policy that you take for your daughter, there are many policies available. What every may be it will surely help your daughter in the future for her education etc. donít worry there are many benefits in the child life insurance you can invest without any fear.

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    Re: Benefits of child life insurance

    Hi Subramani, we came across your query and understand the concern you have regarding your daughter's future. We would to share this article which gives an insight on how to plan for a child's future. Hope this helps. http://investmentinsights.bajajallianz.com/insights/index.php/articles/investment-planning-for-your-childrens-future/

    If you would like, we can take you through a few investment plans offered by us. Please send us an email on help.support@bajajallianz.co.in. Do remember to mention the forum name "sukh-dukh" in your email.

    Bajaj Allianz Team

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    Insurance policies itself is a beneficial plan or polices. There are lots of people benefited through this; even i am one among them. It offers various policies like personal liability policy, life insurance policy, commercial vehicle policy etc....child life insurance is very essential, most of them take this policy on their children. One of the main benefits of child life insurance is that, it will help the parents when the time comes for parents to pay of the medical bills of their children. Another added advantage is that there are some insurance companies which offer child insurance policy will be extended from child life insurance to life insurance for an adult.

    These are some of the benefits of child life insurance...

    Hope it helped!!

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