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Thread: How to talk to a girl while meeting her for Arranged Marriage

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    How to talk to a girl while meeting her for Arranged Marriage

    Hello Friends..

    My friend is going to see an alliance for him. Actually its going to be an arranged marriage by his parents, He is going to meet her on coming week with his parents in her house.. He want to know that what will he speak to her while meeting any idea please share here friend...

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    hey Buddy!!

    In this generation your friend is getting married the one who showed by his parents.. Nice to Read friend.. Whether its a arrange or love marriage all you need to do is introduce yourself, and understand each other in all the way like your schooling, studies, affairs and hobbies and likes and dislikes etc..

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    always say truth, what u are.....if she is for you will you soul mate.


    Good luck

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    Firstly when you are going to meet the bride be relaxed & donít get nervous!!

    For enhanced understanding these are the basic questions raised:-

    >> Are you prepared for marriage??
    >> What are you looking for in a spouse??
    >> How do you like to spend your free time??
    >> What are your likes and dislikes??
    >> What are your future career plans??
    >> How much time do you spend at work??
    >> Do you believe in sharing housework??
    >> How do you react when you are disturbed??
    >> How often will we visit our extended family??

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