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Thread: Samsung Galaxy SIII or HTC One X which is best?

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    Samsung Galaxy SIII or HTC One X which is best?

    Last week I had been to a mobile showroom and there I saw many latest phones and in that I liked the latest model of samsung i.e Samsung galaxy slll and HTC one X both of them were well in their technical specifications and features and I was really confused. When I went through the specifications thoroughly I came to know that Samsung galaxy slll is better than HTC and I say that, it is the best one. What you guys say? Do you agree with me?

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    Yes raj I agree with you!!!!!!!!!!

    Even I will say Samsung galaxy slll is best. Because it is an android based smart phone with the hardware accessories and software features. I would like to mention some of the additional features of it.

    The below are the features;
    It has gmail, google downloads, google search, you tube, google navigation, google talk, google places, google play movies etc…which some of the phones doesn’t have.

    Coming to the conclusion, I will say that Samsung galaxy slll is best than HTC one X

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