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Thread: Dating advice for men

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    Dating advice for men

    For young men, dating is a very cool experience.. I am eagerly looking for some energetic dating tips in order to make the date memorable and fun, wanna spend 90% of my activities in the present moment.. Please encourage me by furnishing the best dating tips or rules or whatever you guys call them. Heartful thanks for you guys.

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    Hi Narendra,

    Itís very true itís a awesome experience when we date. I will advise you by sharing few things.

    Always date safely and protect yourself at every turn.
    Make sure your login name is stunning and sexy, as well as mysterious.
    Do not login for hours on end. Short, rapid visits are best.
    Do not assume the person you are talking to is destitute or sad.
    Never ever reply to emails on weekends. Wait until a weekday.
    A man who doesn't reply to your email within 3 days should be ignored.
    Make sure your humor levels come across in text.
    Don't even think about misrepresenting your size or description. They will find out.
    Come across as cool and sophisticated for best results
    Always let them come to you, don't chase them via email.
    Block anyone who annoys you instantly.
    Post the best and most famous photo you can find.
    Don't reply to instant messages with clever opening lines.
    Remain unfriendly and let yourself be chased.
    Always reply to emails at least 3 days after receipt.
    Never provide your real email or phone details.

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    Ambal has given detailed information regarding online dating tips for men, I wish to share info related to offline dating I mean direct face to face dating, check out!

    Don't try to meet women in bars/pubs & so on.
    Donít think about her as a possible girlfriend.
    Complement Her.
    Donít take advantage and cross your limit.
    Donít explore in excess.
    Maintain good eye contact.
    Be yourself.
    Be tidy.

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    I just want to share my ideas on dating tips. Hope I can help you have an amazing date afterwards.

    - ALWAYS be yourself. Don't impress her as someone else or let me say don't let her love you as someone who you're not.
    - Be TRUE with your actions and most importantly with your words.
    - Show her that you care and you're sincere with everything you do and say to her. Having a good eye-contact is one of the best ways to prove that.
    - Don't get her bored.
    - Initiate the conversation.
    - Be a gentleman.
    - Don't take advantage.
    - Tell her she's beautiful instead of telling her she's sexy or hot.
    - Give respect to her.
    - Show her how much you're interested with her.
    - LISTEN to her.
    - Be open with her. This way, you can let her know that you trust her and that you know she'll understand you in every way.

    Hope these would help you! =) Good luck!

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