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Thread: Can I Access Internet through DTH

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    Can I Access Internet through DTH

    Hi friends,

    It has been only one week; since I got a High-Definition DTH connection in my home to have a highest quality television viewing experience. The picture quality was awesome, and all my family is enjoying the high-definition pictures in their favorite channels. Recently, I came across an ad that, the internet can be accessed through DTH.

    As this is my first DTH connection, I would like to know whether the internet can be accessed through DTH. If so, please tell me how to connect???

    Earlier replies will be appreciated!!!

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    Yes Friend,

    We can access the Internet through DTH!!!

    Not all the DTH Providers in India offer the direct internet services along with DTH services. Only Airtel, Tata Sky, Sun Direct and Reliance offer this facility of accessing the satellite-based broadband internet services along with regular DTH services. For this, you have to buy expensive STB.

    For accessing the internet through DTH, you have use a proxy server from the location you are trying to access the videos from. Go to the site and enjoy watching more videos.

    Enjoy the high-definition motion pictures!!!

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    Yes, u can surf internet by DTH but not all dth services provide this facility. So contact your dth provider and ask the queries or it is been given to your dth manual.

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