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Thread: How to Become A Successful Telugu Film Hero?

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    How to Become A Successful Telugu Film Hero?

    I have always dreamt of being a Tollywood hero, this is my only dream since my childhood. I should be a popular hero in Tollywood, since I am a telugite I prefer to be a tollywood hero. I wonder if my dream come true some day, can someone give me some suggestions and advices to become a successful film hero, Mahesh Babu is my only inspiration, I need to become a great and charming hero like him, I think all the successful heroes come from a casual background and then become successful and popular. I hope my dream comes true someday, please suggest me some good ideas and tips to become a successful film actor. Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

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    You can easily become a hero but becoming a successful hero is difficult. You can take the examples of great leading heroes of Tollywood like Mahesh Babu, venkatesh, Akkineni nagarjuna, allu arjun, prabhas etc. Today they are successful because of their hard work and dedication towards and acting, and they dont say no for any difficult roles in the movies. Here are some useful tips to become a successful hero.
    At first learn how to act.
    You must be willing to do what it takes.
    Commit yourself in acting
    Be nice to your co-actors and directors, if you are being nice to your directors you can easily become a successful hero very soon.
    Know your range and then break through it. Once you know your range it will take you to heights.
    Have patience
    Be persistent: sometimes talents wont get you success but persistence will surely help you reach your goals.
    I think all the above mentioned things will definitely make you a successful hero. Good Luck.

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    I wonder if you really thought of becoming a film actor, do you have ever dreamt of becoming an actor? If is that, you must definitely realize that your dream can definitely become a reality in future. Your dreams will come true only if you put your efforts, willingness, desires, training, passion, patience and of course dedication. To become an actor all of the above qualities are essential, and of course be comfortable and take some challenging roles, I am sure these challenging roles will make you a successful hero. Never say NO for any roles to play, it may be a simple or a difficult one. A successful hero must be able to adjust with any kind of environment and should be talented to take up difficult roles. Keep the things in mind and work hard to reach your goal and destination.

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    Becoming a hero is a great task not everyone who thinks of becoming a hero is hero, it is a dream which has its own way of coming true. Most of them wish to become an action hero, but instead they would have become a great comedy artist, its all because lack of efforts and lack of commitment and seriousness. A successful hero should be talented and should be brave in taking up some challenging roles, as we all know that practice make man perfect if there is lack of practice in you, its really difficult to shine up. Dont just dream, take your efforts and make your dream come true, most of us just have a dream of becoming a big business magnet; hero etc but none of us take efforts in working towards it. As you have said that your dream is to become a hero first become a normal hero and then follow the advice mentioned above, you can definitely make your dream a reality. Good Luck.

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