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Thread: Diet for my 6 month baby

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    Post Diet for my 6 month baby

    My daughter is now completed a 6 months,now i'm giving a cerelac(wheat) and Nestum(rice) once a day each and giving a NANPRO milk 3 to 4 times.Please suggest me a daily menu plan for my child.can I introduce any solid foods,if so Pleast help me

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    Hii jagadeeshwari!
    First of all consult the doctor. If they suggested you to start solid foods then you can start without hesitation. But donít stop breast feeding even after starting solid foods. Initially give very small amount if your child is ready to eat then you can continue giving or else you can wait for few more weeks. Donít compel your child to have solid foods.
    If everything is fine you can give Rice, oats, apples, bananas, mangoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, curd, cheese, egg yolks, etc..
    These are some of the foodstuffs that you can start initially. If you child is eating these foods happily then you can continue with some more things like chicken, mutton, and other foods..
    Be careful, if you child vomits or cries after having such solid foods, kindly consult your doctor.

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    I think you should consult your family doctor before starting solid foods. In between home based baby food is good for the baby rather than ready made.

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    Hii Jagadeeswari,

    Your baby is just six months or crossed 6 ? Because once she fall in 6 months try giving cerelac if she eats that's well enough if not try boiling some rice along with masoor dal, carrot, beans, potatoes and mash it and feed her. I did the same for my daughter.

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