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Thread: private school are better than public school?

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    private school are better than public school?

    Our son is about to start kindergarten and the public school in our area have a reputation for being so... because of this my husband and many other parents suggest private school is the only way to go. . I have always believed public school can be just as good as private . I am really confused please friends suggest me and it is my son future also...

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    Private schools have the advantage of being selective in who they accept and who gets to stay. Public schools have to take all who enroll from their district. This means that private schools can more easily get rid of kids who disrupt the class rooms . Also, parents involvement in the students education is higher in private school because there is a financial sounds. Parents don't want to see their money being wasted. Many excellent teachers will take a little less money to teach at a private school because of the real advantage of higher student interest and personal safety. Private school is best from public school

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    Public schools are as good as private schools. There may not be as many facilities and exposure, but they are not bad either. Your kid will get to meet people from different backgrounds.

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    Government recognized private schools are always best. These schools mostly provide international education so kids who start their schooling from private organization will enrich with neat discipline, brave and knowledge.

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    it wrong to say this because i think education in schools totally depends on teachers of school...

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    Well said, Kevin!!!

    Whatever the school maybe, it purely depends on the teaching staffs and the students. The studious and brilliant students always secure high marks wherever they’re enrolled. It doesn’t depend on which school we are studying; it depends on how we are studying.

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    Right, private schools are far better than the public schools in terms of imparting moral and social values in the students, better discipline and better study environment.

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    Hello Greetings to all my Friends!!

    Yes Shabhana is absolutely right, It is all depends on the student who studies in any school, no matter private or public.. He should show his talent wherever he study...

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