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Thread: Getting Into Relationship after Breakup

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    Getting Into Relationship after Breakup

    I always hear many people saying it is really very bad to get into another relationship after the breakup. Is it true? Can you all tell me why it is bad………….
    Is there any particular time to get into relationship after break up?

    Please share your views and opinions………………

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    Even I would say it is not good…………..

    Because most of the people get into a new relationship after breakup, by not telling that they, already where in relationship and finally the impact is on the other person with whom the new relationship is continued………..

    There is no such time to get into relationship after breakup it all depends on the person’s mentality…

    Hope it helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I would say, getting into relationship after a breakup is not at all bad. But the thing is the person who already had a break up and is in relationship with a new partner should be more caring and he/she should accept the truth that he/she had an affair in their past. The more you are honest with your partner the stronger is your relationship. So don’t hide anything for your partner and don’t commit those mistakes due to which you had break up in your past. Try to change yourself for your new partner and strong relationship.

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