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Thread: Police Verification for passport - procedure

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    Police Verification for passport - procedure

    Hey Friends..

    I am planning to apply for a passport, before that I would like to know the procedure of police verification. Please do let me know ASAP. Thank you so much in advance

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    Once you have submitted the documentation of yours in the passport office. However the police officers will come for a visit just for a formality. They will be specifically asking about last 1 year’s Bank statements, Income tax letter, House sale deed. To know the individual strength

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    Peacock Lady, please don't give wrong information if you don't have it.

    Here is how it works.

    You apply for passport at passport office
    Police officer comes to you house to verify that you are residing there for more than 1 year, the only proof they will ask for is your DOB (10th certificate should work) and permanent address proof.
    They will ask you to get the form signed from 2 neighbors, as guarantee that you actually are living in that house.

    What peacock lady is mentioning about personal strengths, comes in place in VISA applications and not passports.

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    @ rohit_chabra, Thank you so much for your information, I was looking for it. how about the police enquiry ? will they drop in to our house?

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