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Thread: What Does After Shave Lotion Do

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    What Does After Shave Lotion Do

    I have seen guys using some lotions and creams after their shave, what is the purpose of it?? Is this a mandatory procedure that need to be followed after shaving??

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    After shaving lotion contains antiseptic ingredients in it, this prevents cuts, burns and injuries that happen during shaving.
    Known to my knowledge the best aftershave lotion is Olive oil; this tends to keep skin smooth, supple & fresh.

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    what does aftershave do

    Aftershave consist alcohol hence disinfects any little cuts occurred on the face. Sometime it start itching or burning after shaving, aftershave helps you to relieve from it.

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    After shave it burns like hell, so for breezy feel we apply creams and lotions!!!!!
    The best after shave could be any lotion prepared out of Olive & Aloe Vera..

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