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Thread: Problems With Daughter In Law - Need Suggestion

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    Problems With Daughter In Law - Need Suggestion

    My SIL is very silly person who behaves very cheaply & irresponsible @ home & this irritates my mom very much, if my mom gives any advices to her, she will take knife in her hand and threaten my mom telling she will cut her hands and neck. My mom can’t blame often to my brother coz it will give bad reputation on her. She’s very much bugged; I don’t know how to console her… Kindly somebody give your valuable solution for my problem!

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    I think she is mentally disturbed, so kindly tell your mom to not give any advices; coz people who are psychologically disturbed will feel more irritating by hearing advices and during this state they will act like a mad and also tend to kill themselves. In this situation firstly you have to make her husband speak softly to her and understand what her problem towards MIL, if she behaves same with her hubby then u need to take her to good psychologist no other go….

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    Rightly Said Angellyca!
    It is not good to give advices for people who are psychologically affected, coz that is the chief hatred thing in their life.

    The solution for you problem is, kindly intimate this issue to your Sister-in-laws parents and liv her in their control for few days…

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    Well said Angellyca I do agree with your suggestion, and chinumari please talk to your wife alone, don’t give her any advices take her out for dinner or to walk talk to her personally and see why she is behaving like that. If she still react the as the same way then you can take her to a good psychologist, and just be there with her so you can know the reason behind her behavior.

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