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Thread: list of car companies in world

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    list of car companies in world

    Previously I was in a wonder how come so many car companies originated with multiple new four wheel machines on road. Later I have found varied cars have one single manufacturer…which I found to be quite amazing. Quite inquisitive to know about list of car companies in world …do you have any clue?

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    list of car companies in world

    It is true that a single car company is implementing with numerous variants under one banner name. Now take the name of top hatchback car Maruti which has so many variants like Swift, Ritz, Suzuki, etc. Countries like France, Germany, Italy and Japan are best known as world’s best car manufacturers though Indian car companies like Tata and Ambassador still rules the scene here in the car market. list of car companies in world are like:

    • Honda
    • Hindustan Motors
    • Isuzu
    • Lamborghini
    • Lexus
    • Mazda
    • Infiniti
    • DR Motor
    • Fiat
    • Ferrari
    • Mercedes-Benz
    • DC Design
    • Maruti Suzuki
    • Tata Motors
    • Audi
    • Force Motors
    • BMW
    • Porsche
    • Lloyd
    • Maybach
    • Opel
    • Volkswagen

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    There are so many car companies in the world, but here I would like to mention only the popular and leading car companies, take a glance.
    • TATA Motors
    • Hindustan motors
    • Lamborghini
    • Force Motors
    • Maruti
    • Lexus
    • DR Motors
    Cars from TATA motors are the best selling cars in India which comes with high interiors and excellent design. It includes Toyota, Indica, Vista, Manza, ECS, Indigo XL. All these cars are highly sold cars in India.

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