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Thread: status of passport after police verification

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    status of passport after police verification

    Hi friends

    I have applied for my pass port 7months ago and the police verification is still pending ? Should i keep waiting . & how can i know the status of passport after police verification

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    Passport is very valuable document thus in order to ensure that it does not go in wrong hands , police verification is required for issuance of pass port . The police report receives by the passport office shows that every thing green and their is no negative remarks . The passport office cross check all the document to ensures that they are in order . And even you can check the application online you need to enter your reference number and view the status of pass port if police verification still pending wait for the police verification to be completed by the nearest police station . if it not completed with in a month find out the contact details of the police officer responsible for passport verification meet him or call him request for faster verification. .

    For police verification keep ready photocopies of all the documents that were submitted with the passport application also keep application receipt and the original of all documents submitted along with the application form

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