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Thread: jim carrey "Night at the Roxbury" car scene: which car is that?

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    jim carrey "Night at the Roxbury" car scene: which car is that?


    You know one of my friends told me that Hollywood’s best comedian Jim Carrey did a funny car scene act. I haven’t watched 1998 flick but I would like to know the name of the car of Jim Carrey’s "Night at the Roxbury" in which he did a funny scene?

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    jim carrey "Night at the Roxbury" car scene

    It was a BMW car which was used for the famous comical car scene in 1998 comic flick ‘Night at the Roxbury’.
    Doug and Steve were mainly the comic scene stealer where Jim Carrey acted as the night's guest along with other VIPs like Martin Short, Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson, Sylvester Stallone and Alec Baldwin.

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    It was really fun to watch Jim Carrey making comical face gesture along with other two male lead funny characters like Will Ferrell (Steve Butabi) and Chris Kattan (Doug Butabi) in ‘Night at the Roxbury’ comic flick of 1998. The three comedian seated in a BMW car tunes to a song in a very comical manner that you would feel like watching a cartoon scene. I did not see the entire movie but had watched repeatedly the funny car scene of Jim Carrey in ‘Night at the Roxbury’ in youtube sight.

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