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Thread: Serious Problem With My Daughter-In-Law And Son - Please Help

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    Serious Problem With My Daughter-In-Law And Son - Please Help

    I have seen my daughter seeking advices from this website for her personal issues, hope she disclosed about her Sister-in-lawís issue in the recent days. Well, I would like to mention the same issue in detail!

    My sonís marriage was set by us; we got this proposal through marriage brokers. Initially my DIL was behaving pretty decent, when days passed by i.e. after giving birth to a child my DIL & sonís attitude changed utterly like; to start with my DIL stopped eating dishes prepared by me and she was likely adapted to fast foods. Later she started treating us like untouchables and she also started to blame us for silly reasons. Every night she creates some or the other nuisance in front of her hubby, this blameworthiness slowly spoiled my sons mind and he started to scold me and my hubby. Till now I donít the reason for my DILís misbehavior. If I propose to give advices or any corrections, she just blast me with vulgar words and she take knife in her hand & threaten me by telling she will kill herself by cutting hands..

    I donít know how to behave with this female and how to make my son understand the actual issue. I canít even tell my son to move out separately because we are dependent to him... How to tackle this issue???

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    Yup! I have seen your earlier post, I would recommend same piece of advice again. Take your daughter-in-law for mental test, I know that they will not agree for this treatment but still speak to your son in absence of your DIL, converse all facts in a polite way and shed tears, obviously your son will get consoled and he will put some effort to change his wifeís attitude and behavior.

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    I hope your daughter-in-law is poorly attacked by psychosis sickness. With this sort of people we must actually not behave rude or wild, instead we have to be effectively caring & fond, this behavior could recover psychosis disease rapidly.

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