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Thread: What's The Most Important Quality In A Guy?

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    What's The Most Important Quality In A Guy?

    Hi friends

    I am searching for life partner guy for my marriage and this is life long commitment. so i need to know what the most important quality in a guy ? so it will help a lot to know better

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    Guys should have with this qualities are best to choose as your life partner

    know to treat the lady
    good listener
    sense of humor
    good character
    strong, confident
    good communicator

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    Hey all,

    In a relationship trust is a prime factor, so a guy should be loyal to his partner. Most of them wish to marry a guy who has all the qualities mentioned above, but you canít expect all these personal traits in a single person. It is very hard to find a person like that. One character is most important in a guy i.e. trust, if that is there, then there is no problem at all. I personally feel, guysí should be loving and caring. This is my opinion.

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    Smile The most important quality a man should have

    is being deeply in LOVE with his partner. If he really loves her, all the good qualities will follow. If he really loves her, he'll be honest with her. He'll be loyal and faithful to her. He'll trust her, be patient with her, understand her and will do his best to be always there for her even when she need him or not. He'll be there to keep her smiling and won't even dare to make her cry. He'll take care of her as he decided to have a commitment with her and marry her =)

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    Morality and uprightness are the two main qualities that a guy should possess. I know itís really hard to expect these qualities from men these days, anyways you cannot understand a person just by seeing them for the first time. You cannot know a person completely on your first meet; you must spend time with them, and also give time to get to know each other. After finding a right guy donít marry immediately, take some time and try to understand his character and behavior. This will help your future. All the very best.

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