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Thread: best green cars of 2012

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    best green cars of 2012

    Have you ever tried with green cars? It sure the best choice as green cars is not only environment friendly but is highly comfortable and liquid fuel saver. The best part about green car is that it provides high rate city mpg, lower maintenance costs and electric control mode. In best green cars of 2012 sector Chevrolet takes the top slot. Undoubtedly Chevrolet Volt stands on the top level but there are some more to take the lucrative slot in the best green cars of 2012 segment like Toyota Prius V, Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius C.

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    I do understand Chevrolet Volt stands to be the best green car but it price gives a shrunk feel to most of enthusiastic car buyers. What I think Nissan which claimed to be one of the best green cars of 2012 have reason to get more car buyer's response as its price is not only attractive but its charging infrastructure is well built. No doubt Toyota Prius C has got better chance to win more customers as it gives high rate mpg but price is quite heavy where at this point Nissan Leaf has again the advantage to take over it. But Nissan Leaf has more dynamic competitors which are positioned as best green cars of 2012 like Volkswagen Passat TDI and Mitsubishi I.

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    Well… even I think Chevrolet Volt is the best green car of 2012 apart from the disadvantage of 10 hours long recharge time for 120 volts battery and smaller space back seat. Else Chevrolet Volt makes the best choice for green car that exist in present circuit. This electric hatchback is not easy to maneuver but gives excellent mileage of 93 hwy. According to Greenhouse Gas Score it is 10 (electric) & 8 (gas) whereas ACEEE Green Score it is 53 (electric) & 44 (gas). In Chevrolet Volt the electric range is 25 to 50 miles whereas on electric and gas range it is 375 miles.

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